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Professional business consulting made simple.

ArbeitSTROM will help you transform your business using simple, visual methods. “ArbeitSTROM is a German word meaning “Work Flow,” reflecting how we help make work in a business flow.

We use the Visual System of WorkTM to stabilize your business, sustain its operation and scale it to produce greater results.

This simple, approachable method of change has been proven effective on a broad range of industries, company sizes and regions.  It is most likely also right for you.

ArbeitSTROM was founded in 2020 by Mitch Sayers after many inspiring discussions with David T. Lord, who had been developing the Visual System of WorkTM since the mid 1990’s.  Having received an BSME at Cornell University and his MBA at the University of Michigan, Mitch became intrigued with the simplicity and proven effectiveness of the VSOWTM and began helping David develop it further, including assisting him with his book, VSOW Toolkit and co-authoring the latest book, People, Processes and Projects – Leveraging the 3Ps.

The Visual System of WorkTM is a trademarked system in use for over two decades to help businesses improve fast through increasing their throughput.  This is done in two phases – Building Trust and Driving Focus & Transparency.

The Visual System of WorkTM consists of 5 direction elements, 12 primary tools, and various methods to capture essential aspects of a business, and make them visible and accessible to the employees.  This positions the business to drive change in a unified way, increase confidence in operations and eliminate constraints to increase throughput – which then, in turn, increases profit.  The same methods can be employed for non-profit organizations to maximize resources in reaching objectives.

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With the use of online and in-person methods to visualize, understand, and analyze your business with the VSOW tools, it is possible to effect real change in weeks, sometimes days.  Let’s talk to see what is possible with YOUR business.

Books about VSOW

VSOW Toolkit

“The philosophy, method, and tools used in his Visual System of WorkTM (VSOWTM) help businesses see and measure the actual, current condition of their companies. This enables business owners to identify and rectify any interferences that prevent or delay achievement of goals.”

People, Process & Projects

The People, Process, & Projects book provides the backdrop for the Visual System of Work Tools, describing the environmental factors within a business that can help these tools to improve a business.


Taking Consulting Further


Mitch also helps businesses align their websites with their Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles and Operation.  This can range from a ground-up new website or tweaking an existing website.  He collaborates with you on your preferences, helping to develop a unique look and feel, with as many or as few bells and whistles as you want.  This is also particularly effective in conjunction with your book!  He will work with you, once the site is up, to dial it in to your liking.  If you need hosting and registration set up, no problem.

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Mitch can help you with your book.  He has published and authored books.  He can help break down that daunting task of writing a book into bit-sized chunks, while helping to keep an overview on the process.  He collaborates in a comfortable, flexibly-paced way, working to facilitate the thought and creative process.  He can also help with illustrations and cover art.  From thought to book-in-the-hand!

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