Let’s put our approach into context.


We use the Visual System of Work  (VSOWTM ) to produce change quickly.  Here are some examples of how it can work for you.

Our employees are unclear on who is doing what and how they can best work together

With the basis of the Organizational Structure (VSOWTM  Tool 1), a System of Work (VSOWTM   Tool 6), and other information created by the team, Task Matrices (VSOWTM  Tool 9) are created for employees and these are refined continually in meetings planned in the Meeting Matrices (VSOWTM  Tool 11).

We have improvement projects that should be done, which never get done

After checking alignment with the Strategic Planning Sheet (VSOWTM  Tool 2) and team feedback from the 3 Questions (VSOWTM   Tool 4), Project Planning Sheets (VSOWTM  Tool 5) can be created by the team and tracked using the Meeting Matrix (VSOWTM  Tool 11) and perhaps included in the Scoreboard (VSOWTM  Tool 6).

Morale is low and there is a feeling that we are not making progress, even losing ground

With the basis of the Strategic Planning Sheet (VSOWTM  Tool 2) and team feedback from the 3 Questions (VSOWTM   Tool 4) the facilitator works with individual team members to review Task Matrices (VSOWTM  Tool 9) to assure alignment.  Where strong hindrances exist, a Throughput Improvement Plan (VSOWTM  Tool 12) can be initiated with the team and Project Planning Sheets (VSOWTM  Tool 5) can be created to implement steps to breakthrough.

We are working hard but we do not seem to make a profit

Let’s start with the Financial Plan (VSOWTM  Tool 3) to get a quick snapshot of what quantity of output is required to break-even.  Once the details of the System of Work (VSOWTM   Tool 6) are developed and a Scoreboard is implemented (VSOWTM  Tool 6) the Financial Plan can be refined to provide more granular direction to focus the business and included in the Meeting Matrices (VSOWTM  Tool 11) for tracking.

Let's Work Together

Working together is a partnership.  We will listen before we present any ideas.  It is about your business.

Step by Step

If you are uncertain whether this process will work for you right now, we can take a first step to get a baseline of your business, and you can decide whether to proceed afterward.  If you would like to have a conversation before deciding and beginning, we can also set up a short, focused consulting session.

Pricing and Options

Pricing and Options

We will work with you on a solution.  We want to see your company improve and we are confident we can find a way to help you improve.

Let’s get started.

Curious, but not sure where to start? Let’s discuss your plans and more information on the Visual System of Work. 

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